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Jaw Shifted

I'm a 20 year old male, with decent oral hygiene (a brush twice a day, floss ever second) and no medical history of mouth or jaw problems. I had braces when I was 13 for nine months, although my smile is slightly crooked again from not wearing my retainer.

Even though my bite isn't perfect (very slight overbite, upper jaw slightly offset to the right, teeth beside front teeth angled inward), my teeth have always fit together perfectly.

Lately, it feels as though my lower jaw has shifted forward. Relaxing my mouth while I close it causes my front teeth to touch the top of the teeth of the lower jaw, and I have to pull my jaw back in order to make my teeth fit.

My jaw muscles feel extremely tense.

Also, (these problems might be related) ever since this started my mouth has been incredibly dry during the night. Even after drinking a liter of water before bed, I wake up with my mouth feeling like sandpaper. This doesn't normally happen.

I've been experiencing this for about five days.

Could it be TMJ? Could it be something else? I'm worried I might have done permanent damage.
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