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jarring back pain

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I am in a power chair all day and by the end of the day, my back hurts so bad I can hardly breath. Especially when I go for a "walk" with my dog. It's like riding in a buck suspention to soffen the bouncing. I have osteoarthritis in my spine. Is there anything I can put in my chair to help?
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replied May 12th, 2012
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Try this:

Large FIRM Tush Cush Seat Cushion
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replied May 17th, 2012
An easy way to eliminate back pain while sitting is to restore proper sitting posture.

Observe the following instructions to sit properly in your chair:

Your head should be directly in line with your neck. Having your chin tucked in slightly. Keep the ears over the shoulders.
Both shoulders should be level.
The middle of your back should be straight.
The hips should be in line with the shoulders and the ankles should be in line with the hips.
When sitting the hips and knees should both be at 90 degree angles.
Maintain a natural curve in the low back (referred to as your lordosis).

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