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Its a shame I have to mention this. Hormones and Health

Now, this may be my first post but I just made an account so I can inform people about some information I think they really need to know. I know, I'm a man on the women's health forum, but I know a lot of things that many women don't know about some of their hormones and body functions. I'll be completely honest here.

I notice a lot of you diet and exercise to stay healthy or to look beautiful, but it might not be giving you the looks you expect from it. For one, spot reduction is a myth, you burn fat all over your body. Where your fat is stored is determined by genetics, and hormones.

You can't change your genetics but you can change your hormones naturally without taking any form of shot, pill, or hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen is a hormone that makes you store more fat around the hips, breasts, butt, and outer thighs. It will also increase libido, and bone density. The places I mentioned where estrogens cause you to store fat will result in a curvy body with a low waist to hip ratio. This is a healthy way to store fat, especially for your heart. Fat in these location is also good for developing fetuses inside the womb. If you have narrow hips, its not because your hip bones are narrow, but because you don't have enough fat stored on the side of your hips, and your outer/upper thighs.

Estrogen will also increase subcutaneous (fat just under the skin) fat which will make your skin softer, and cover the bony areas of your body such as your hands and feet. This type of fat will also insulate you so you won't feel so cold all the time. Another benefit of hip/butt fat is that most men such as myself are attracted to curvy women.
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replied January 21st, 2012
Now, you might be wandering, "How do I increase my estrogen?" You actually should've been wandering about that since you first enterd puberty.


1.Avoid stress as much as possible, I can't stress this enough.

2.Don't over exercise. Its not necessary to bring yourself to complete exhaustion.

3. Don't go on a starvation diet.

4. Eat more of this. You need to eat more omega 3 oils, which is in fish. You also need to eat more peanut butter, which rises estrogen in women, and rises testosterone in men. You need to drink more milk too. I also recommend soybeans, peanuts, and almonds.

5. Get more sleep! You need at least 8 hours a day. 70 percent of Americans are chronically sleep deprived.

6. Have an orgasm. Orgasms don't actually increase estrogen but they act to reset you hormone balance, and thus they lower stress hormones.

7. Reduce your sugar intake. Too much sugar cause a surge of high insulin, which is later followed by a surge of adrenal-androgens.

Unfortunately these methods work best during your early teenage years. This might not help you if you have already passed menopause.
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replied January 21st, 2012
If you are still not yet convinced, here is another list of benefits from estrogen.
"healthy glow" to the skin
have better orgasms
increase the intelligence of the developing fetus
prevent obesity
reduced risk of diabetes
denser bones
live longer
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replied April 18th, 2012
Hey Saltymax just a few questions for you out of curiosity:
Are you a doctor? how did you come to these conclusions? Are you knowledgeable of which meds can increase estrogen in women? Have you met any woman whos tried this and succeeded at changing her body fat distribution?
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