My mother-in-law has ITP and little success treating it.

My third child is due in August. Clearly, she's not a total genetic match, but is ITP a disorder in which cord blood currently can assist with?
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replied January 3rd, 2009
Hey There! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Smile

I'm sorry, I don't know much about cord blood banking, I was diagnosed with ITP at the age of 16, and just wanted to throw out some advice for your mother-in-law. it's the platelet disorder support association, a page for people with ITP and their families and friends.

Another word of advice: I had taken Prednisone, done different blood fusion treatments, and was even at the risk of having my spleen removed until I found Transfer Factor. I currently take Transfer Factor and have been in remission since I started taking it. I'm not guaranteeing that it works for everyone, cause I have found that with ITP, different treatments work best for different people; however, it did work great for me. If you or your mother-in-law would like some more information, feel free to write me.
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replied May 28th, 2009
Transfer Factor?
My wife is a ITP patient & had her spleen removed in the age of 16. Currently we are having our first child. During her 34th week of pregnancy, the blood platlet count dropped to 20. Our doctor prescribed 1000mg of Methyprednisone last week but it gave little help so far. We are still seeking IVIG treatment next week. Two questions on our mind:

a) What is Transfer Factor? Can u elaborate?
b) Wonder if Cord Stem cell collection is really a good insurance for our baby.
c) Can ITP pass down genetically?
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replied February 21st, 2010
Hi Peter,
I really don't know much about Cord Stem cell collection...

About ITP passing down genetically, the answer is yes and no. See the date on this message, you may have already experienced this yourself. Occassionally, if a mother's platelets are low she will "transfer" her blood (with the platelet-destroying antigen) to the child cause the child to be born with ITP. However, the child is NOT actually producing the antigen, so once the baby has produced all of his/her own blood, the antigen will be gone and so will any sign of ITP. If I remember correctly, this should only last about 6 weeks maximum.
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replied May 13th, 2010
ITP and baby

I had my 1st ITP episode in Aug/2008 and since then it has been in remission. I am ready to have a kid and was wondering if ITP is transferred to the baby too?
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replied May 14th, 2010
ITP and Baby?
ITP is not permanently transferred to the kid. From what I know it's the first 6 weeks of the child's life while the child still has a lot of the blood from the mother that they can have ITP because you will have transfered over the antigen. However, as the baby starts producing his/her own blood, it will not have the anti-platelet antigen, and therefore, won't have ITP. I don't know if this makes sense, but it would be useful to talk to whoever you saw for ITP and I'm sure they could give you more details. What can also happen is your platelets drop naturally during pregnancy, so that sometimes that can trigger another ITP episode for a woman who has already had ITP. From your last bout with ITP, I'm sure you know what that means - just a lot of follow-up and blood draws to make sure your counts are doing ok. Overall, I have met a lot of wonderful woman with ITP who have had wonderful healthy babies! No need to worry!
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replied May 17th, 2010
Hi there,
I banked my son's cord blood in 2008 through ViaCord and I'm pregnant with my second child so my husband and I were looking into whether or not we should bank this child's cord blood as well. Although this is too late for you.
I found it interesting that for genetic disorders, cord blood from the same child cannot help because the genes are carried in the stem cells as well. I think for our second child we will donate our stem cells.
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replied October 15th, 2013
ITP for 3 year old

my 3 year old son had an ITP too. he is now taking prendison 16 Mg per day and half of immuran tablet a day.
my therapyst says that my son should take transfer factor 2 tablets per day.
im wondering about the steroid, how is the gradual removal of it ?
how to reduce it.. ?
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replied June 18th, 2014

ITP can be treated using a cord blood transplant from a match (essentially replaced the blood with new blood; but different from a blood transfusion). However, the collection of cord blood is only enough for a transplant of someone who weights 65lbs and under.

Americord Registry has come up with a method to collect double the amount: , which would be enough to treat someone up to 130 lbs.

It also seems like they are in partnership with the state of NYC

Hope this helps!
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