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Itchy Urethra

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For the past 3 or 4 days I've been experiencing an itchy urethra after urinating. At first, if I'm honest it was almost quite pleasant. However, now it's getting a bit worrying as it won't go and seems to be getting a bit sharper.

Now, my Girlfriend lives in another country. She came down over the Christmas period and we had sex a few times. It was only a day or two after she'd gone I began experiencing this. The only symptom I have is the itch in the urethra, nothing else. She also had experienced something similar about maybe a month before coming to see me. However, she said that cleared up on it's own and could have just been a minor Urinary infection (which she has genuinely suffered from in the past, a year ago when we lived together).

Now, obviously I know how this appears and I am fully aware of the fact that there is a chance she has given me Chlamydia, I will be visiting my Doctor tomorrow. I would just like to know though, Is it possible to get this from unprotected Anal sex when neither party had chlamydia to begin with? We did have Anal sex unprotected once when she was here. So maybe that's how.
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