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itchy swollen vagina

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Me and my boyfriend recently went and got tested and he testes positive for chlamydia so i went and got tested and they never called me to tell me if i had it so we waited the ten days to have intercourse and his symptoms got better ( I never had symptoms) So I know thats all he has and that i didnt have anything but one night we had pretty rough sex and my vagina hurt afterward and my clitoris was swelled up, he ate me out and not thinking he had a cold aore on his lip that was dried up and just about gone, well the next night we went to have sex and i couldnt it hurt way to bad and i waited and the pain got worse and then the next day i had a sore on my vagina and it looks like a little blister and a day after i realized that one i realized another one wheni woke up in the morning, i dont know if i ithced it in my sleep or what but i also have a white discharge with a kinda funky smell....any idea?
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replied January 4th, 2010
hey, i think what you need to do is go to the clinic with your boyfriend and explain what happend, if your boyfriend had chlamydia it is more than likely you have it,girls dont seem to have any syptoms but if it is left to late they can have problems with pregnancy.Often after sex the clitoris might swell up as i have noticed this my self,it usually happens after ruff sex with me to. the blisters could be genital warts as even when your boyfriend doesnt have one the virus is still there so it is important he doesnt touch your genital area with the infected part, genital warts are treated by the hospital not th clinic, it is best you get checked out as soon as, genetal warts can get prity ugly when they spread! as for the white discharge it may just be normal, all discharge smells nasty its not abnormal! go to the clinic Very Happy
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