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Itchy spot (no inflammation)

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For the past few months (yes, months..) I've had a small spot above my genitals that's been itchy on and off. It's not large, perhaps a few square cm, and its slightly discolored (white-ish and looking like dry skin without the flaking).
It's also smoother to the touch (doesn't feel dry, just looks it) and feels firmer than the skin around it.

I'm wondering if anyone's seen or heard of anything similar (or if anyone knows exactly what this is).
As I said in the subject, there is no redness, apart from that caused by my scratching and the itch is not constant. I've had whole days without a single itch and usually when it does begin to itch, a few moments of scratching is all it takes to find relief (although it usually feels so good that I have to actively stop myself :p).

Any help would be much appreciated.
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