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itchy , sore , irritated vagina

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this symptom goes after using canestin cream and the vaginal tablet but comes back after like a week. what could this be? what is the solution or treatment for this symptoms. it is so fustrating. have only one sexual patner which is my husband of 16 years, he also treated himself for about 10days with canesten cream. havent used antibiotics lately. please HELP!!!
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replied May 27th, 2009
hello and welcome. i suffered terribly from same problem for many years and then one day i saw a new doctor and they prescribed me flucanazole.
in the uk we can buy it from our pharmacist its around £10 but flushes your system out for 3 months. its fantastic they may use a different name for it where you are.
creams after a while like any meds your body builds up a resistance to it. ask about it and you will be amazed as ive never looked back.
hope this helps with your problem.
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