3 years ago, i started getting really itchy, its all over my body and its driving me crazy. The doc has prescribed an antihistamine medication (Loratadine). this drug help calm me just for 4 days, and after that my body will start itching again. (Doctor told me i'm dermogram because of skin sensitivity against rubbing stuff).
plus, I've recently been suffering from chronic diarrhea from 4 mounth ago, and duration of diarrhea may take up to 2 weeks. either i have Mild headache and impaired vision.
i have 28 years old and I goto over 10 dermatologist, but I had seen no solution offered.
i carrying out some Tests like:
-HIV (3 times) > Neg.
-HBs ag > Neg.
-HCV >Neg.
-CRP >Neg.
-RPR >Neg.
-Parasitology (several times) > nothing seen.
-Colonoscopy > nothing seen.
-Endoscopy > nothing seen.
-C.B.C Specefication: WBC: 6000 --- RBC: 5.43 --- HGB: 17.2 ---HCT:47.5

Please help me Sad(((
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