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Itchy scab under breast

A month ago I noticed a black scab growing on a brown mole under my breast. It was just a tiny black spot, and I thought it had appeared because it was a bit itchy, maybe I itched it during sleep. A few days later it fell off probably in the shower, so I decided to wait and see if there was any change.

It's been maybe over a month, and I see a black spot growing again, there is still no scab but I can definitely see a black shade growing back on the mole.The mole itself is not too asymmetric, raised and about the size of a pencil eraser.

I will definitely go and get it checked asap, but I'm so worried about it now, can anyone tell me if it sounds suspicious?
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replied February 22nd, 2012
Hi. I see your post was logged almost a year ago, and I also see that you did not get any responses. I found this blog today because I have similar moles. They are itchy and I scratch them to the point where they finally fall off and grow back again. I have one on my thigh, one on my stomach, and one on my back. Did you get yours checked? What did you find out? I hope you are OK.
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