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Itchy Red Bumps & Discoloration > Lichen Sclerosis?

I've only had sex three times in my entire life. But I just recently had sex (my 3rd time) with a friend/Romantic interest of mine. It's been a little over a week since our intercourse and (Now Friday) I've just started having some itching "down below". I was thinking that it was nothing serious until it prevailed throughout the night. I decided to self examine it and I have four/five Itchy (NOT Sore), Red bumps near both sides of my vagina. (Which have gone away). But NOW (Started Saturday -> Nov. 11) I have (White) discoloration and Slight tearing of my Vagina; Which looks like it MIGHT be Lichen Sclerosis (Because I'm seeing Similar patterns/symptoms between myself & the disease.) (There is also NO abnormal smells & I've been off my cycle for Close to Two weeks now). My partner says he's clean; But I'm VERY SCARED! PLEASE HELP ASAP!! (TY!)
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replied March 20th, 2012
If you are that worried, why are you asking people on the Internet for advice instead of going to see you doctor? You could get the wrong advice!! I have LS and my first sign was white patches. In parallel serious itching at front, with lesions.
I take it dorm your blog that you are prob sorted now as it was written 3 months ago. As young as you may be, do not rely on blogs always go to your doctor.
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