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Itchy painful pimple-like bumps, constant clear discharge

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I'm a 24 year old sexually active female. Earlier this week, around the start of my period, I developed some serious itching around my vulva. The itching turned to severe pain, and when I looked at it a few days later, I had developed several pimple-like bumps all over my vulva, particularly around the bottom near my perineum. Most of them have whiteheads. They are not overly swollen. They don't have a red base or ring and aren't crusted over or in clusters (so I don't think it's herpes). I've been checking every day, and there seem to be more of them. This morning I noticed that in some areas (one between labia minora and majora and one right at my perineum), there is a spread out, flat-ish, kind of plaque-like lesion also. They are all extremely, extremely painful. I've also been having constant clear odorless discharge. It's mostly watery with a bit of mucus. I'm not sure if it is coming from my vagina or from the bumps, but I have to change my underwear almost every hour or so. Also now there is pain/discomfort with urination. It feels like there is a small obstruction almost when I urinate.

A few weeks ago, I thought I had a yeast infection. Unfortunately, I have been living paycheck to paycheck and could not afford treatment. I have a new boyfriend that I have been sleeping with, monogamously. We have been having pretty rough sex. Could this be a cause? He is going to get an STD panel done, but he isn't showing symptoms of anything.

I've been doing hot compresses several times a day. I also tried hydrogen peroxide and neosporin ointment. The pain is nearly unbearable, particularly at night and it itches a lot. I can't see a doctor until Monday, and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the next 2 days. I have never had anything like this before. I've never had an STD. I get a pimple once in a while here and there down there, especially when I shave (I have stopped doing this for the past few years and only trim now). I'm a very clean person and take care of myself pretty well down there. I don't have health insurance right now, and have very little money for treatment/medication. I'm really, really scared. Does anyone else have this problem or know what it is?
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