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Itchy outer vagina, brown spots, allergic reaction

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I'm 22 years old and have fairly regular periods. For sometime now I've experienced a lot of discharge but it all seemed normal
So I didn't bother about it too much. However recently i was using a soap and when I used it to clean my vaginal area I started getting this burning feeling. It's a soap I've used a lot in the past with no reactions.

Anyway I swapped soaps and now have the Johnson and Johnson baby bath; soap free bottle. I only wash myself down there with soap after a bowel movement and when showering.

However ever since I used the first soap which i had a reaction to I've been itching like crazy down there. I try not to scratch as I read this makes it worse. The itching us a bit better now - not the 24/7 feeling anymore. However I can't even describe the type of discharebive been getting. I can wash myself, put on a pantyliner/undies and then check within ten minutes and see a yellowish stain already. As more time passes I get a brownish discharge. But the weird thing is my entire pantyliner is dirtied even the parts that are in contact with the skin above the lips area. It's as if my skin is emitting all this. The actual area that is directly touching the vaginal opening remains dry often. Almost as if the walls/lips are causing the 'discharge'. And Often it looks so strange like tiny little brown dots all over the part of the pantyliner that is touching the skin. I've noticed that all this gets worse when and where I scratch.

Im not sexually active and recently had a full sexual health checkup and so that can be ruled out. I'm going through about 5 pantylinera a day now.
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replied August 31st, 2012
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You may have a yeast infection. You can try a treatment like Monistat 7 (don't use the shorter ones) and see if it makes a difference. If not, see a doctor.

Outside your lips you can wash with whatever. A double fatted unscented soap like Dove is recommended to keep your skin moisturizer. Between your lips, in the folds and creases and under your clitoris hood, only clean water and your fingers should be used. Wear cotton panties to wick away moisture, and sleep without panties when safe to do so.

Wake sure your pads and panty liners are not causing an allergic reaction, and make sure your panties are well rinsed and not washed in fabric softener.

Pat yourself dry, and remember to wipe your behind backwards, away from your vulva.

Wear cotton panties and avoid tight pants and synthetic materials like nylon.
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replied September 14th, 2012
Itchy Vagina
I tried Johnsons baby soap and dove and had the itching as well. The only soap that I do not have a reaction to is Pears Transparent Soap, the brown one and its not expensive.
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replied September 25th, 2012

Apparently it turned out that I had thrush. The doctor prescribed a cream to me after I described to her what was happening. However she didn't really check down there and also there is the added difficulty of a swab test since I'm a virign.

I started responding well to the cream. I was told to apply it three times a day but on MOndays I can only do once a day due to some issues. Every other day I do it the recommended amount. However, I'm not noticing that when I have the cream on, there is a lot of itching and a lot of discharge. Stringy yellow dicharge too...

Is this because I'm having a reaction to the cream? I was told to at least keep to it for a week before returning back ... I might ask for a phone appointment though just to make sure.

Will a swab test really hurt if I'm a virgin?
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