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itchy mole on back

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for about 2 weeks now i have had one spot on my back that itches so bad i can't stand it, I notice dwhen i was in the shower it was a bump. When i got out of the shower I thought it might be a pimple, so I looked and it is a mole, should I have this checked out for cancer?
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replied March 11th, 2010
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Have someone in your family take a look at this mole...See if it is circular or uneven in shape...If it is brown does it have some color in it?...Very often pink or reddish...Is it getting bigger?..If you are in doubt have a doctor take a look at it....Another thing you can do is to google Melanoma...There you will find an assortment of photos of this disease...Study them....Make yourself aware of what they look like so that you are able to check your body over in the future....But, do have someone check your back....Good luck....Take care...

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