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Itchy legs? Have seen a dermatologist, nerve damage?

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Hi, I'm 20 years old, and I've been experiencing extremely itchy legs for about the past 5 months now, I've been to a dermatologist and they told me to try some different things for ezcema, I've tried they haven't helped. I don't have a rash or anything, so she wants me to see a neurologist, and thinks maybe it's somehow nerve damage, I'm going to my doctor in a few days for a 2nd opinion before I go to the nuerologist, but does anyone have any other ideas of what this may be?

-no rash, I'm on zrytec for my allergies (and my doctor had prescribed an additional antihistamine that didn't help)...I'm also on adderall which I've tried not taking for a few weeks at a time, so it's not that.

-I've tried different ezcema creams, like sarna etc. and they give me mild relief for a few minutes then it goes back to itching. I feel like I'm going crazy. Help! Thanks so much! Smile
Willing to try anything! Smile
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replied March 22nd, 2012
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hi there
Maybe your doctor thought that you have neurodermatitis ,usually in people who has alot of stress and always thinking ,they will itch their leg specially right leg if you are right hand and vice if you have stress and you are over thinking maybe the cause is that.
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