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Itchy corner of eyes ?

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My problem is the inside corners of my eyes (where that little bump is, not the white of the eye) itches like mad.
Its most itchy at night and in the morning, during the day it isnt as bad, but can be sometimes.
If i itch it it gets much much worse and lasts longer to.
I have good eye lid hygiene, i clean them and the lashes with a cotton bud and hot water frequently.
Could this be an allergy or something else as i just dont know.
Please reply
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replied November 12th, 2010
i get this same problem. itchy eyes in the corner near the nose at morning and night.i take alergy medisen and this helps aswell have having a anti-alergy but if it is mainly morning and night for you it may be a dust/ dust mite alergy. u can buy sheet for my bed and pillow and try hovering your mattress.
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