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Itchy bumps without bite marks

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Hi everyone-
I would love any insight anyone can share.

I started noticing that I had some red marks/bumps on my arm one night, its like they just suddenly appeared.
They started out very small and not very itchy but I made them worse by scratching. This made them bigger and itchier. At first I thought there was a bug around my room but I realized there was never any noticeable bite mark on any of these bumps.
I also thought it might have been an allergic reaction to my cat- ever since I got my cat 2 years ago, my allergies seem to be getting worse and worse I can barely pick up my kitty anymore.

Anyhow, I kinda ignored the arm bumps. Then about a week later I woke up and saw a red bump on my neck- again no bite mark. Of course I scratched and made it worse.

Now I started getting really paranoid. I thought maybe bed bugs but the fact that I didnt wake up with bite marks all over my unexposed skin made me think its not bed bugs.
Last night, I was especially paranoid and barely spent any time on my bed. However, I did spend awhile sitting at my computer desk. Before I went to bed I noticed I had another red bump on my finger, one on my other arm and another on my thigh. They just seemed to appear out of nowhere.
I wound up going and sleeping in another room!
The bumps have not gone away (again I made them worse by scratching them) and they still itch sporadically.

Now I am really scared/paranoid. I''ve always feared bugs and get especially paranoid even thinking about them.
But I am extremely confused- these red bumps/marks are so sporadic, appear out of nowhere and in random places on my body. Could they be dust mites? I admit, I haven''t given my room a good cleaning in a looong time and its very dusty because I don''t open my windows much.

If its related to allergies, should I get an air humidifier?
FYI I have always seemed to have skin problems since I was a kid. When I was little especially my mom would have a hard time giving me a bath because any products would leave red bumps on my body. I still notice that I am super allergic to certain things but the bumps usually go away and dont itch as much as these new ones.
In the summer, especially, I suffer from extremely high # of random bumps that I usually think are just mosquito bites.

I sprayed some lysol on the bed last night and looked closely and thought I saw a red/brownish stain and got scared it could be blood/a dropping but again, I''m quite paranoid and could just be looking for things that aren''t necessarily there.

Any thoughts/help, please? Thanks in advance!
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First Helper southernbelle670

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replied April 28th, 2011

Hello and welcome to e health forum.

It is difficult for a proper diagnosis without a physical examination.

But from the description, it seems that you might be having folliculitis of the skin.

you might benefit by application of Neosporin ointment for proper healing.

In case, the lesions do not improve, consulting a dermatologist for proper treatment might be of help.

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replied May 4th, 2011
Random itchy Bite marks
Im having the exact same problem & it has been going on for the past two weeks. Your description was like watching myself these past few days. Did you ever find out what the bites were from???
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replied May 7th, 2011
I just moved into a new house a month or so ago, I've been getting these bumps all over my body, neck, arm, thigh, feet, legs, etc. They itch because i pick at them. I dont know what bite marks look like up close but i squeeze blood and clear fluid out of them because they annoy me soo much all day. I think its just my bedroom (it used to be a garage but turned into a bedroom) so i think my room has bugs in it. i dont see any or signs of any but i'm not an expert, any advice?
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replied May 24th, 2011
Could be bedbugs
I am no medical expert, but if the bite marks are generally in triplets, forming a small triangle (dots separated by a few millimetres), then only one thing comes to mind: bedbugs. Triangular bite marks are the *trademarks* of bedbugs.

These creatures are evil - they can stay alive without food for 6 to 9 months - and their main food is human blood. They are very difficult to catch by hand because they run so fast (they can't fly), and even if you catch them and try to kill them by pressing two fingers, they may not die - their bodies are so tough, unless they have just bitten someone, in which case their body is filled with blood and hence easy to rupture like a balloon.

They like to live in softer places like beds and carpets. They 'come to life' (i.e. on a biting spree) during night time or very early morning, although they do it during daytime too. These bites are usually non-lethal, they just itch terribly for several days.

The only two sure ways of ridding your place with bedbug infection are: (1) get a professional pest controller, who will spray your entire house (beds, carpets, sofas etc) with some special liquid chemical or (2) the domestic way of ridding from bedbugs is to sprinkle your house with diatomic earth powder (it is cheap and highly effective, but will take a couple of weeks of time to be effective). The ordinary pest control sprays bought from shops will be totally ineffective against bedbugs.

I know all this because I suffered from these nasty creatures for several months and they made my life a misery.
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replied July 15th, 2012
i agree,had a bed bug problem,tore my whole house apart and got rid of them myself lol i dont have any more nice furniture but at least there gone lol good luck
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replied July 15th, 2012
i just want to point out to you that when you get bitten by bed bugs,you wont know it until sometimes a day or 2 later,thats what happened to me,just look around on your mattress and make sure,they hide very good and there flat,so look good,they even hide in wall out lets,creases of your pillow,i dont want to make you scared,but make sure its not them,cause if it is,you need to act fast and get rid of them,i had them and im always looking every day to make sure i dont have any more,i hate bugs,bed bugs especially ewwww well good lucjk
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replied April 20th, 2013
Please answer: did u figure it out???????????????
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replied June 10th, 2013
Well this is not bed bugs cause I'm the only one getting bit.,itchy red bumps all over my body., my husband doesn't get bit at all.
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replied June 18th, 2013
same here, i've been getting bit at night by something for sure but cannot find ANY signs of bedbugs or bugs. my boyfriend has never gotten bit and thinks i'm overreacting, but i've heard of cases where sometimes only one person gets bit. this is the second time i've gotten bit in the past 2 weeks and this time there are definitely more bites in clusters now along the back of my body. they are small, red and look like blisters and they itch like crazy, even after treating with alcohol and cortaid. in fact 2 more just appeared on my elbow as i'm typing this! i'm wondering if the colony is still young and maybe that's why I still can't seem to catch and verify if it's bb.

i just powdered tons of diatomaceous earth all over my room, along the walls and around the bed because a lot of people say it works. i truly hope so, and soon, whatever it is. i plan to sleep in a ring of DE tonite.
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replied September 8th, 2013
Paranoiding little buggies
I am going insane my room is a disaster zone because i was looking for that
Bug. I didn't find it but i just found a black spider with yellow spots i haven't
Gone on my bed in three months the weirdest thing is anything with cat hairs
Bam red bumps that itch. Plus my eyes go red and dry and i can't see good
And let me tell u this i got bug bites where duh sun don't shine. Help me!!!!!!!
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replied October 9th, 2013
Little red bumps tht appear out of nowhere and when noticed they appear to be so itchy you wanna cut your skin off!! not in clusters but ranom places...
These are uaually mosquito/gnat bites, pretty harmless unless you have a reaction like myself, causing them to swell and heat up hot! if they get hot to touch then you should seek medical attention asap. These pesky little bugs hide in ur wardrobe and in ur clothes etc.. They are hard to see and you certainly do not see them biting you.. you only realize you have been bitted a day after they have bitten you so this leaves you thinking, what the heck!!! another thing I found is they can bite you through your socks! lol so any materiel other then jeans seems to be easy for them to bite you through. I would advise anyone who has tasty blood like myself to go out and buy a bug repellent such as jungle formula and apply this daily during summer etc.. they also love the rain as they and bred in streams etc.. If you notice a stream when you go for a walk and see all those pesky little flying things!? There are the little biting pests... I would advise you to not sleep with your window open and try and keep ur doors shut etc.. Alcohol gel stops the itching but stings a little. Hope this helps.
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replied June 16th, 2015
mysterious itching welps
I have just recently started getting these welps on my arms and lower leg....the itching is making me insane....the welps wont stop itching and are getting hard. I have a husband and 3 teenage boys. None of them have gotten even one welp. It is not BED BUGS or FLEAS or any other thing biting me...I had my exterminator come out and go through the entire house. Ive read from other people who went to doctors that they weren't able to find the cause....if anyone knows any answers please share
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