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Itchy bumps. related to stress?

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I have had small bumps that appear on my scalp, face, neck, breast, arms, and occasionally on my thighs. I have had these for about 4 years. They began on my scalp and have slowly traveled down my body. They appear one at a time and are not red at anytime. They are just bumps not blisters. They itch like CRAZY, especially when I am stressed. They only appear one at a time not in groups. I have applied anti itch creme and they still itch. I scratch them but they do not spread because they appear at anytime. I know they are not insects bites because they appear day evening and night and when i am at work indoors away from insects. They just start to itch at any time. I have seen a medical doctor about these and he wanted them to be chicken pox, but this is not the case because i had chicken pox when i was 9. They are also not shingles or hives i have googled shingles or hives and these look nothing like that. Dr also said this was not scabies or bed bugs.I am thinking they are related to stress but not sure.
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replied June 23rd, 2011
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the stress can make anything worse
could they be yeast infection
do u take antihistamines (just straight the kind that say side effect may cause drowsiness work best r cheapest)
tried medicated body powder
tried probiotics
when it comes to skin rashes etc. there are many 100s and can be daunting
have u been on multiple courses of antibiotics in past yr or so
sometimes if one spot itches real bad try a novacane type gel for teething or mouth sores might help
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