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Itchy bump on penis

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One day my penis itched annoyingly, when I got a chance to look I noticed this bump thing and started to worry. When I got home I checked it out better and saw maybe two others there as well for a total of three-four. The first one I saw was the biggest but yet it isn’t really all that big to tell you the truth. And some times I really have to look to even see it, normally I see it by rotating my penis and so I can see the bump from the profile. (Confusing?)
Worried about having herpes I looked it up online and only found really scary pictures. It’s like this bump that’s kind of long but don’t really too long, it’s just not a circle. It reminds me of the extra skin that you see on people’s necks or arms; normally I see them on older people like grandpa plus age. I’ve seen them on my dad, my sister and even myself (pulled it off as a kid, it never grew back) but a search online for warts as well as other things hasn’t come up with what I’m talking about so hopefully someone here knows.

The bumps or warts or whatever they are, are skin colored…really they are just my skin after all. They’re not white, red or yellow. They don’t hurt, I even pulled on the larger one with pinchers and even tough it hurt as though I pulled on any penis skin it didn’t do anything and within a short time it shrunk right back to size. I tried popping them and it did nothing, they don’t seem to be filled with liquid. Also they are on the sensitive band of darker skin under the head (I’m circumcised, not sure if that’s why I have the band)

I showed my wife right away and after I finally was able to point out what I was talking about she said it didn’t look like anything and not to worry.

Well that was some time early august so it’s been at lest two month’s and the bumps are still there. I plan on calling the health department and making an appointment, I can’t afford going to a normal doctor because I was laid off and now only work two days a week and that will only last for a three more weeks.

Oh I even put apple cider vinegar on the area a few times to see if they turn white…some acid that’s in the vinegar turns herpes white…from what I read. But nothing happened, probably not strong enough concentration I’d image.

Any idea what they are? If they health department will do it, I’ll do the blood test however I’d guess they’d rather not spend the money being they do this stuff for cheep depending on your income.

And my biggest question is, at what point can I be sure I don’t have herpes if it doesn’t show up on a blood test? If they bumps are still there I’d imagine a blood test should work right?
This really worries me sick and I have no one to talk to besides my wife, and she knows nothing about this kind of thing.
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replied April 17th, 2010
sounds like genital warts,look up info on hpv and genital warts then you would be better able to understand whats happening to you.
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