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Itchy Body Rash, Quickly Spreading

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About 10 days ago I noticed a small red rash on my right inner thigh. As the days went by, the rash began to spread to my inner left thigh, down my right leg, and both arms (including the armpit area) shoulder to hands (not on the hands though), and on my behind. It is extremely itchy. It looks like clusters of mosquito bites/hives. It bleeds when I scratch it. The skin around these clusters is very red and there are red/flaky patches about the size of a quarter in various spots.

I have been taking benadryl, using several anti-itch lotions/creams, and using an anti-fungal spray. I have no idea where I got the rash, how I got it, or anything else. It just suddenly appeared one day and is now spreading. It itches so bad that it wakes me up at night and nothing helps.

I am wondering if it's an allergic reaction to something I ate or came in contact with. I have been thinking really hard but can't think of anything I've done different.

I called the doctor and they are going to see me, but the earliest appointment they have is not for another 7 days! I can post pictures if necessary. I have looked at all kinds of rash pictures online and the only thing close is eczema. Anyone have any ideas?
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replied August 24th, 2009
This is my right inner leg/thigh area where it is the worst.

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