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Itchy bleeding anus

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For the past few months i have had a really sore itchy anus and it just seems to be getting worse.
At first i thought maybe i had a pile so i have been using prep h but it seems to make it sting more.
When i wipe i begin to bleed, and the pain gets worse.
During the day its usually ok, but every so ofteni feel like ive slid a blade between my cheeks.
I have now also found a small hard lump above my anus which has just added to the worry. Im too embarrased to
talk to anyone about it, and im too scared to let my boyfriend near me because of it.
Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

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replied June 19th, 2009
hello your small hard lump you have found i suspect is your pile popped out and external as before was internal so would not feel it when looking..i suffer from this and although the pile shrunk with preparation h i still get the itchy butt that drives me nuts..this is not uncommon as i never had a pile till severe constipation and thats what started mine..
if your cream is not agreeing with you try another one as there are various makes..the bleeding shall settle as mine does but if not you need to have a stool check for to eliminate any underlying problems..
good luck..
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replied February 8th, 2011
problematic anus
talk to your doctor, not us, we did get diplomas. Your butt has a problem, if prep H doesn't work, go to they health food store, aka Goodness Me, and look in a book or say hey doc, my ass is pissing me off, what's wrong. change your diet, and don't sit on cold concrete.
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