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Itchy Bites, unknown cause, 3 months and no end in sight.

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Okay this started about 3 months ago when the weather started getting warm, these bites first appeared on my husband about a week before me. They are located along the gluteal cleft and inner thigh areas. The bite remained in just this area for about 3 weeks then more showed up on our hips, back of knees, stomachs, and armpit areas. They itch the worst at night, we've tried benedryll, aloe, everything! The bites started as itchy red bumps and now they're kind of itchy, dark, and scaly bumps. No bugs were found in the house anywhere, we even bombed the house and my 9 month old has recently received ONE similar bite on his armpit, please help before it gets worse on my child! Also we are quite tired of the itching induced insomnia.
I'm not entirely sure this related: Just affected me, brief sun induced rash for 2 weeks just on my arms 2 months after the bites, I haven't been able to have a sunburn for 8 years as my skin became accustomed to the sun. Thank you for any help!
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replied June 24th, 2011
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Have you thouroughly searched the house for bugs? Under the mattress, bed, even pull up the carpet if you have to and see if you can find any bugs. If you can, capture some in a jar or plastic bag. I would call an exterminator to identify the bugs.

If you can't find any bugs, try going to a dermatologist. Maybe they can identify the bumps. Different bugs sometimes make different bites. Ultimately, you may have to call an exterminator anyway. Some bugs, like bed bugs, are notoriously hard to get rid of and bombing the house may not do the trick.
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replied June 25th, 2011
could be scabies...they cannot be seen they burrow in the skin...they itch worse at night...go to a doctor...not sure why you didn't go to one first .htm
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