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So in the last several months, my girlfriend and I have been waking up to find bug bites on us. Now we've looked at sites about bed bugs first, but the bites, the little we've actually seen of the bugs and everything just don't match. We've only seen one of these critters, and it was a light green color, and a single millimeter in size.

Today I've noticed welts on my forearm, with the signature itch every bite has. We think this might be an allergic reaction. Originally the bites usually look like mosquito bites that turn into centimeter-large red circles when scratched, and tiny red pinpricks when we know better.

We don't have the means to get professionals to exterminate them, and so far none of our searches have taught us anything useful (what they are, how to eliminate, etc). We've washed and dried our sheets, blankets and pillow cases, and even replaced the pillows.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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replied July 30th, 2009
For you to see the bug does not sound like a bed bug..Can you pickup protecitve pillow and bed matteress covers that are for allergies?

Also too--it is possible that your allergic reaction could be a two parter in that yur bedding maynot be as clean if all soap not throughly washed out..Have you changed detergents?

scratching is bad as it does irraitate the situation there is a OTC lotion out there called (Sarna) it is for itching..Gold Bond powder also helps..I use both when I get bites which is often living out on country land..

The next bug you find take it with your welts to a dermatologist..k
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replied May 22nd, 2011
scabbies. I have the itchies and theyre from your bed. scabbies are a slow moving parasite which dig themselves under your skin and make itchy welts. usually on heat spots, back of knees, feet, between fingers and toes, wrists, armpits, and ive even got them where body touches the matress and pillows.
see a doctor and they will give you lotion, apply all over except for the face, and change all sheets, iron your bed, and spray with insect spray, put your duvets and pillows in sealed plastic bags to suffocate the scabbies, keep them in there for 4 days. hot wash your sheets and linen. sleep on fresh clean linen on your ironed and sprayed bed, after 24 hours wash the lotion off. you will still itch for a couple of weeks afterwards but you wont get any new bites. if you do, you'll have to start the entire process again.

the lotion is the most important part. this is why you probably haven't been ale to get rid of them. put it everywhere from the jaw bone down. under you fingernails as well as the nasty little fcukers can live there.

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