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Itchy area outside vagina

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Recently i have had really red dry and itchy skin on the area outside of my vagina... nothing inside hurts except for my skin that surrounds my vagina. the skin is torn and there has been spotting of very little blood. I try my best not to scratch down there when it gets itchy but sometimes it is inevitable. ive tried vaseline to get rid of the dryness, neosporin, and anti-itch creams, which all have not really helped. neosporin worked the best when i also applyed bandaids on the areas. the band-aids have been working a little bit but it just keeps comming back. i have a normal discharge i am a virgin and i havent had any sexual activity in about 3 or 4 months. This problem is very annoying glance and i NEEEED somthing to help me clear it up and prevent it from happening again. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for me to stop this Rolling Eyes ..

thank youuuu ! Razz
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replied December 20th, 2009
i have been having a simular problem , itchy on the outside on vaginal lips and whole area before entrance of vagina. it is very itchy and red and slightly soweln im not sure what it could be i have had yeast in fections before and it is not that the only recent changes and new towls my husband came home after being gone for 4 months so i hadnt shaaved while he was gone and shaved before he came home and have beeen sexually active since he got home we dont use condoms trying to have babies the night before we had a party and i drank some did not get totally drunk though other than that i am not on any meds and only use anti bactrial soap to clean it i was told by my doctor that is the best bet now i just wanna know what it is i will try sleeping w/out panties as many post here say to do but if it does not subside i will have to see a doc i suppose but dont have shealth insurance so dont really want to but it si a horriable itch
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