Alright so i've been Googleing for about an hour, and i can't seem to find anything regarding my situation. Nor have i ever met anyone who feels the same way.
When ever i wake up from anything, i feel grossly itchy. My lips and head are heavy and hot. I cannot stand the feeling of my hair touching my neck, ears, or face. I need to walk around my house and do anything before getting ready because i literally can't stand how gross i feel in the mornings. I feel itchy, and sort of numb. I have no rashes or anything it has nothing to do with that. I just feel extremely uncomfortable. I sleep with my hair completely up in a bun and a headband to keep any strands from touching me.
Whatever this is eventually interferes with my life, as i can't get ready in time and i can't wake up early because i feel disgusting. Throughout the day unless ive had my hair down all day, i can't stand even a couple strands touching my skin. It makes me cringe.
I don't know if this is a medical thing, me being anal, or what. I just think it has to be medical or something like that because everyone sleeps with their hair down, can put make up on right away or even sleep with it, or hardly ever put their hair out of their faces. I would do that if i could, but the feeling is SO uncomfortable i couldn't even imagine it. Does anyone else feel this way?
This isn't a random occurrence, i've been feeling this way my entire life. So it doesnt just feel like this every once in a while.

Any help or anything at all would be greatly appreciated- thank you!
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replied December 3rd, 2009
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What about clothing? Does loose clothing bother you? What about people touching you? What about animals? If a cat brushed up against you, would that have the same reaction?

As for your hair bothering you so much, why not cut your hair really short? Like a pixie cut? Those can be really cute and you won't have to worry about your hair touching your skin.

Your symptoms sound more neurological than dermatological. Maybe a Neurologist could help. Before you see the doctor, write down all your symptoms and when you experience them. Does anything make them better or worse? What other things provoke this reaction (clothing, certain materials, blankets, animals, etc)? Does anyone else in your family have this problem? You used the words "uncomfortable," "gross," and "disgusting"--be more specific with the doctor. Besides the itchiness, is it pain, creepy-crawly feeling, sticky, sweaty, nauseated, etc? Can you do anything to help it at the time, like put on lotion or take a shower? Write all this down and take the list to the doctor along with any questions you have.

It sounds like this is really interfering with your life. Go see a neurologist and see if there might be some medication or treatment that might help this. If that doesn't work, go see a dermatologist or try hypnosis or acupuncture. I hope you find something that helps this. Let us know how things turn out. Good luck.
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replied July 21st, 2012
Try staying away from a 'screen' an hour before bed also try chewing gum a little bit before I had the same sort of groggy feeling and these seemed to help
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replied October 29th, 2012
My Face gets itchy and red
MY face gets so itchy and red when I woke up. I don't know why it happened? Before I went to the bed, I put Moisturizer on my face. But I've been use this Moisturizer for 3 weeks, and nothing happened, until last week I started to feel itchy all over my face. This is the third time my face got itchy. So, I surely believe that it happened because I use Moisturizer.
I need to get ride of those itchy and red from my face and my neck, but I don't know how. please HELP
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