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Itching vagina

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I have noticed that over the past half year, every now and then-- maybe a a month or two apart, my vagina will start to itch and burn a little for a few days, and then go away. It is SO annoying I have no idea what it is and I thought it might have been a yeast infection, but it doesn't burn when I pee and I don't have that thick discharge or anything. I don't have a doctor here where I just moved to, so I really need to find out what is going on because I'm just nervous it might be something serious, or maybe not hopefully.

If you can let me know what this might be I'd appreciate it!
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First Helper mayd2629

replied January 12th, 2011
hello.. I was experiencing the same thing. and my close friend too.. so we both went to the doctor. She had some infection couldn't remember what that is, i think candida albicans? they gave her antibiotics. To me, the doctor did not gave any medications. I am using a feminine wash everyday and the doctor told me to use it just twice a week. Because feminine wash kills all the bacteria even the good ones. So the normal micro flora in our vagina is lost. We need the good bacteria that serves as our protection too. and i am whenever i have period i cut the sides of my napkin. The excess part of it makes my vagina itchy too. So it helps a lot if cut that out. just sharing maybe it could help =p
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