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itching, tingling, stinging, burning in upper r arm

2 yrs. ago I noticed I was bit twice on my upper right arm. I then had severe itching a few more dots appeared. The itch was all consuming then the area would burn, tingle and sting. The condition would come and go - then it began on my other upper arm. I have had x-rays, EMG, seen a dermatologist and was put on neurontin - which helped. Things cleared up and then again I began with the same cycle over again. What can this be? I can't sleep at night when my itchiness begins
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First Helper njsheerin

replied May 22nd, 2009
repetitive itching, tingling, stinging, burning in upper arm
I had a bite of some kind about a year ago on my upper arm (deltoid -- in front of the tricep area) which triggered what I would call a histaminal itching and burning in the upper arm in a centric area around the bite, lasting for a couple of months (in waves of itching and buring each day) and eventually fading. Now, some months later, it has recurred with exactly the same sensation, an itchy burny feeling with a pinpoint centre as if the sting had happened again in exactly the same spot. What could this be. Why did it last so long. Why is it recurring in exactly the same fashion iwht almost the same sensitivity?
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