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Itching on chin and vagina

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about 1 month ago I had unprotected sex with an ex of mine. The same night I had an horrible itch on my chin and no matter how hard I looked in the mirror I saw nothing and then i saw pimples in which I told my mom to look at and she said it was a light rash and gave me cream for it and no problems with that, it took about a week heal. During the last few days of the rash I started to have itching in my vagina and yellow discharge and I naturally assumed yeast infection but after a week and a half of the over the counter creams , no relief, intense nerves , no appetite , frequent urination and loose stools. I went to Doctor and she inspected down there ,took some samples of vagina discharge to look under the microscope and said it was bacterial infection and prescribed me the right cream for it. The next day after I went to the doctor I got tested for all STDS including the quick test for HIV in which you swab your upper lip with cardboard thing. they also asked for a urine test in which i noticed my urine was orange and it hasn't been orange since then. The next day after that I noticed that I had a white bump on my bottom teeth on my gum and my sister said it was inflamed gums and I noticed because of my nerves I have been clinching my teeth when I sleep putting pressure on my bottom teeth or so I hope that what it is. I also noticed on my upper lip where that fold is I had blistered looking thing but then I remembered I had throughly swab the inside upper lip with the HIV swab to make sure the test would not be invalid. My loose stools went away after getting all the test done but I had abdomonial pain and upper back pain. My hunger also return to some extent because before this I would snack a lot but now I actually get hungry and eat at least 3 meals without forcing my self. I noticed I am always feel thirsty and feel like something stuck in my throat but nothings there and all my symptoms go away when I am not thinking about the fact I may have HIV. My tongue is white but it doesn't resemble thrush and burns but probably because I had eaten some very hot soup from subway . My vaginal itching is practically not there and frequent urination has calmed down and I am pooping normally but there is some blood. am I making my self sick by worrying or are these actual symptoms of HIV. I still need to wait one more week for results and I feel like I am going insane if I need to wait for the results any longer.
FYI I talked to my ex and he said he was std clean and I have no reason to believe he is not except for the fact he is very sexually active.. I have no idea why I think he has HIV it just crossed my mind and since the itching on chin and vagina it has not been letting me rest. the more symptoms I get the more I feel like I am going crazy.
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replied January 25th, 2010
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I would test for ALL STDs as itching is not a symptom of HIV but is is a symptom of other sexually transmitted diseases.
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