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Itching and weeping around vagina

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Okay, I have been searching for so long to find someone that can suggest SOMETHING to me.

1) I have been experiencing this for years now. I often find my underwear stained with urine. I don't remember it happening, but apparently I "leak".
2) Sometimes I have white cottage cheese type discharge, not an extremely strong smell.
3) Sometimes I have a fish smell coming from my vagina.
4) Approx 2 years ago I was being fingered by my boyfriend when he.. found something. He said he had felt it before but assumed it was normal. It had come out this time though, and it was like, a small ball sort of browny dark green, I think, and soort of a little hardish.. but kind of spongey. No idea what it was.
5) For the past year have been extreeeemely itchy around my vagina, lips etc, but only if I touch it first or something rubs it, like my jeans etc. I first thought I had herpes because I would experience weeping down ther and assumed it was sores, but I actually think it was that I was scratching so much I was breaking the skin, one time I scratched so much one of my vagina lips swelled up like 4 times its size and would not stop weeping. Recently I have noticed two little lumps near the lips, those I think are waht is causing the itching, they are skin colour, get red when I itch them and are morel ike itchy bites than anything, but don't disappear.

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replied March 13th, 2010
Especially eHealthy

It really sounds like you have some issues where you should have none. These are easily treated by a doctor so GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR! This will help you to get much more healthier and happy. You should also get an STD screening.

1) Stress incontinence - Every time you cough, sneeze or strain physically you 'leak' a little bit. Are you sure it is urine and not from one of your other infections?

2) Yeast infection - easily treated by over the counter creams.

3) Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) - Should be treated with antibiotics by your doctor or clinic

4) A piece of tampon that got stuck?

5) Caused by BV and yeast infections.

You should be careful about what you use around your vagina and vulva:
* No scented soaps,
* no scented sprays,
* no scented pads.
* Wash your vulva and under your clitoral hood with clean water or a very mild unscented soap,
* Don't wash or douche inside your vagina. Your vagina cleans itself.
* Wear cotton panties (or panties with a cotton crotch) and sleep without panties some times.
* Make sure you change your tampons regularly (at least every 4 hours).
* Don't use tampons at night.

I hope you go and see your doctor. Treating these relatively minor things will make you feel much better and healthier.

Best of luck!
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