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Itching all over the body after bathing

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Please, let us get the story very clear. The issue at stake is that 'one gets itching all over the body after bath couple with back pain. Feeling of tingling sensational movement over the body, causing very great discomfort. When skratched, the itching do not peel nor turn to sore'.

I personally went to the hospital and it was identified as 'toilet disease' which need to be treated. If this is true, what is the right treatment Doctor?
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replied May 22nd, 2011
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it may well be a problem with the soap, may soaps can iritate the the skin. normaly the problem is soduamlorasulphate (the degecing agent in may soaps) try using a soap/ showegel which dose not contain this, they are avalable mostly on line but not too expencive.

also try showering as the body excretions are then washed away not staying around in the water to irritate the skin, this can also reduce the liklyhood of infections or contact irritations.

also dry yourself thurly, once the towl will not dry more, ether alow yourself the finish drying natruly or use a hair dryer on a cool sretting to remove the last of the water. it will also help reduce the skin irritation.

give these a try as they may help to reduce the syimptoms Smile
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replied August 16th, 2011
I have the same problem - itching after a bath. Didnt think a medical condition explained this because it all seemed like it was in my head. I dont take a bath without soaking my sponge in undiliuted dettol yet every thing about me feels filthy and covered in germs. Just did some more research. Think I know what the problem is: Polycythemia vera. Aquagenic pruritus is sometimes a symptom of primary Polycythemia vera which I suspect is my case.
Quoting from google "Patients with polycythemia vera can be asymptomatic.[6] A classic symptom of polycythemia vera is itching, particularly after exposure to warm water (such as when taking a bath)[7], which may be due to abnormal histamine release[8][9] or prostaglandin production.[10] Such itching is present in approximately 40% of patients with polycythemia vera.[3] Gouty arthritis may be present in up to 20% of patients.[3] Peptic ulcer disease is also common in patients with polycythemia vera; the reasons for this are unclear, but may be related to an increased susceptibility to infection with the ulcer-causing bacterium H. pylori.[11] Another possible mechanism for the development for peptic ulcer is increased histamine release and gastric hyperacidity related with polycythemia vera.

A rare but classic symptom of polycythemia vera (and the related myeloproliferative disease essential thrombocythemia) is erythromelalgia.[12] This is a sudden, severe burning pain in the hands or feet, usually accompanied by a reddish or bluish coloration of the skin. Erythromelalgia is caused by an increased platelet count or increased platelet "stickiness" (aggregation), resulting in the formation of tiny blood clots in the vessels of the extremity; it responds rapidly to treatment with aspirin.[13][14]

Patients with polycythemia vera are prone to the development of blood clots (thrombosis). A major thrombotic complication (e.g. heart attack, stroke, deep venous thrombosis, or Budd-Chiari syndrome) may sometimes be the first symptom or indication that a person has polycythemia vera.

Headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue are common symptoms that occur in patients with polycythemia vera as well."
Just to mention, I have a history chronic peptic ulcer disease with seven episodes of bleeding peptic ulcer disease and in all cases, my blood count dropped to between 16-20% and I recovered to normal range without being transfused under a three week period. I had to have restrict dieted because of the ulcer so I wasnt eating very high nutirent meals. Guess this miracle stems from suffering from Polycythemia Vera. Hope this helps...
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