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Itching a sign of pinworms ?

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I'm paranoid I have pin worms, I have not seen any worms in my feces, but I have been itchy. Because of this I am terrified to death to use the toilet, because I am scared something like a worm will come out. I've gone to the point of forcing myself to sit on my feet to hold it in even more.

I have a severe phobia of bugs being in my body, so I've been holding this in for over 40 hours. Help or advice PLEASE!

Would itching mean 100% I have pin worms? Is there any other way for me to tell without the tape method or a doctor?

I'm mortified that this is indeed worms, and I'm making myself sick over it and almost to the point of vomiting!
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replied July 25th, 2009
if you havent seen any then you probably wont theyre really really tiny anyway. try not to pull your hair out over pinworms there are alot of things out there that are far worse! pinworms are fairly common. i dunno if itching means 100% you have them. but if your okay (or you WERE okay) during the day and then all of a sudden at night ..itching. then you may. Id just get the over the counter stuff they have for pinworms and maybe some anti itch cream and make an appointment for the doc. if you dont do this stuff...the itching may start to happen during the day also and you wont be able to sit still at all. wash your bedding, and change towels, underwear, daily. keep your hands out of your face, and keep em clean OCD style. just go ahead to the bathroom because youll feel better once youve gone. however going wont be all that fun because of the itching. trust me, it feels way worse then it actually is. your poo will be the same poo its been for the last however-old-you-are years. ya probably wont see much in it. lay off the scary movies and tv shows!
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replied August 1st, 2009
How big are they exactly? I'm still fairly worried and I've found myself forcing myself to go as fast as possible! Which is making me strain myself and actually go numb from the pressure I try to force.

It's starting to hurt my stomach a little bit too, I think I really DO need to see the doctor but I don't exactly want to get probed, either. Sad
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replied August 1st, 2009
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First, pinworms are common...mostly in grade school children due to not washing their hands like they should. These worms are small and can cause intense anal itching however there are other things that can cause this type of itching.

When you get this itch take scotch tape and apply it to the area in question that is giving you grief; remove the tape and check to see if you see a worm or two.

If so, then take it to your doctor and he/she will promptly give you medication (unless you can get it over the counter, that I am unsure of).

Now, if there are no worms then I'd suggest that you visit your doctor to figure out what the cause of your discomfort and take it from there.

Best Wishes,

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replied September 2nd, 2009
It is sooo easy to get rid of pinworms! Years & years ago I had them & read up on them. They come out a night to breed. I decided to mess up their cycle & kept Noxzema on my anal orifice for 2 weeks, always reapplying after a bowel movement. (Neosporin might work too.) It seemed likely they would not be able to live, much less breed, in that antiseptic cream.

No more problem. If you live with others, tho, they have to be treated also & be sure to wash all clothing & washcloths, towels, bedclothes with hot water & bleach.

Could you have other parasites too, tho? Some say everyone has them & you can't count on the lab tests. That has been my experience. How to check for apparently the most common kind: Take about 1 tsp of cayenne pepper in yogurt or applesauce or whatever daily. (The capsules are not so good.) In about a week if you see "white rice" in your stools, they are tapeworm segments. (Cayenne does not kill the head of the tapeworm, which is what reproduces.)

Black walnut, wormwood, & clove tinctures can kill most any other parasites, but pumpkin seed oil helps enormously too & may be indispensable. Cayenne, peppermint & spearmint are also helpful along with oral colloidal silver.

There is much info on this at Cure Zone & other places on the net.
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