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my vagina has been itchie and blood red and poofy. I have a white discharge it looks like if a man ejaculated in me but i have not had sex in a while. There are small little nics lookin places kinda like bumps but not exactly round or anything on the bottom of my vagina lips and all over the place on the inside of the vigina. some days it burns when i pee but not all the time. i thought i had a yeast infection at first i have done over the counter treatmemnts for yeast infections twice in the last two or three months. what could it be?
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replied August 22nd, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, it could be yeast because the more u use those grocery store yeast products the worse they work.
so if it is u need DIFUCAN also call fluconozole from dr or u can buy online
but here is something u can do to fix it for good;
go to vitamin store; buy enough Pro-biotics to take 200 billion cultures daily x 2 wks, 100 x 2 wks etc till u stop at 12 billion for few months
. and BTW also will take care of any gastro problems like flatulence, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation
. . . . good luck
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