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:( hi there everyone, I am new at this. I have fms/cfs/restless leg syndrome/sjogren's syndrome and have now been diagnosed with lupus after the a&a test and a rh test. I also have osteoporosis. My question is the itching and nothing seems to be there. The pain with all of this is crazy! Then I have fallen 3 times since feb of this year and fell on my face one of the times in cancun, on the sidewalk, I looked like a baseball met my face. Then when we came home a couple of months later I fell in the house and cracked a bone in my left hip. Now just 10 days ago I fell again and my right hip is the same way. I have really been given the tests of strength and patience, etc.

I am 68, married 40 years and have 11 gc and 6 ggc. I live in arkansas

please correspond with me and tell me I am not going crazy with all of this.
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