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it stings a lot and I start bleeding when i pee?

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So I was fingered by a guy and he was very rough about it and afterwards I started to bleed; and whenever I go to the bathroom to pee it stings a lot and I start bleeding again! Is this just because he was too rough and tore something, should I have this checked out by a doctor? Any advice, i'm quite worried
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replied September 19th, 2011
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Have you taken a mirror and looked at hat is going on done there?

If it is from your vagina, it can be from tearing, scratching or friction.It will normally just heal by itself. Keep it clean and dry. Urine will burn any open scratch, tear or chaffed skin. Spray yourself with a small water bottle after peeing and then pat yourself dry.

It can also be from an UTI (bladder infection). Google the symptoms and make sure rubbing over your pee hole did not cause an infection. UTIs needs to be treated by a doctor with antibiotics.

It is your responsibility to make sure his hands are clean and his nails smooth and groomed. If it is not, refuse permission for him to touch you. You mast also tell him what you like and dislike. If he gets rough, slow him down, touch his hand to slow it down. When you get sexually aroused your pain threshold will go up dramatically. What is normally painful will become fun and pleasurable. That is until it is all done and you want to pee....

Make sure you are well lubricated when playing. Use saliva or a personal lubricant (can be bought from the pad, tampon, condom isle of your local store).

Finally, if you think something is wrong, or you think you got an infection, or it does not stop, get to a doctor.

Best of luck!
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