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it's almost painful to sleep on tummy? Maybe Pregnant?

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If I am indeed pregnant, I would have conceived very close to a month ago. I am due to start my regular period in approximately 4 days, but I'm wondering if I'm going to. It seems like maybe what I'm going through is just wishful thinking, as my fiance and I have been trying for nearly 4 months. However, for the past week and a half, I've been noticing some changes. My breasts have become EXTREMELY sore, even more so than they do before my period. I've been having frequent backaches, and increasing headaches. I've noticed a slight change in my eating habits, such as I get hungry sometimes when I normally wouldn't. The worst and most prominent part however, is my sleeping habits. I can be extremely exhausted and fighting to keep my eyes open, yet I can't get to sleep due to my lack of being comfortable. I'm normally a tummy sleeper, but it's uncomfortable and almost painful for me to try. Sleeping on my back is a no-go, although it tends to be fairly comfortable. I toss and turn all night, and usually don't end up getting to sleep until early morning. Luckily, I'm not working right now and am able to sleep in during the day. Smells seem amplified, and some that normally would not do so make me nauseous. I'm trying to wait to see if I miss my period before I take a test, but the anticipation is killing me. Am I the only one that thinks this sounds like pregnancy, or is it just too early to tell? Please give me feedback! Thanks!
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