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Is Warfarin the same thing as Coumandin?

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When asked if she was on Coumadin he told them no. He believes Warfarin is NOT Coumadin. If they don't ask in terms of 'blood thinner' he says no. By the time she was out of the hospital the next day they just treated her for fainting and did know that she takes a thinner. Her speech was 'all crazy' and not making sence and then she went down for a few seconds. The Sr. center called 911 to say she had a stroke. But at the hospital husband said she lifted something to heavy and she passed out. She is 88 and he is 85. is Warfarin the same thing as Coumandin? He gets VERY VERY VERY mad when I tell him it is. And makes a HUGH deal out of saying it is NOT.
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replied July 6th, 2009
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Coumadin is same as Warfarin.
It is one of the brand names for Warfarin.
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