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Is this 13 year old girl worth it?

I just met a 13 year old girl in high school, shes very smart and mature for her age. I kind of like her, but i'm not sure if shes right for me. She looked at me then at her male friend and i noticed that he said "I understand that i have a rival..." while he looked at me, smiling. He seems to be jealous of me, so i think she likes me. In my state, its legal for us to date, but should i tell her that i'm 18?
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replied November 19th, 2012
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Every now and again there is a young girl who is genuinely more mature but they are really very rare - most are just play-acting the part and have little or no experience to reinforce that air of maturity.

My advice is to leave her to her current male friend and move on to more promising pastures. If you feel you must play her games then you should always be honest, especially with such things as age.

I used to know an 18 year old fellow who fell for a 13 year old girl who was very mature for her age. After some false beginnings and arguments he finally got her parents' approval for them to date on the condition there was no sexual contact between them until she was 16 and it became legal for her to consent.
They were constant (platonic) companions until she became 16 and then she dumped him...
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replied December 5th, 2012
Yeah not a good idea. You wouldn't have room to mess around with her since you'd be constantly supervised, you'd have promises to keep, etc. After she gets to an age where she has freedom, she is going to want to explore and try new things.. especially if she is attractive.

If you're willing to wait for her then it looks like you're looking for a permanent relationship that will lead to marriage. This is not something someone with options is going to want at her age. She will feel trapped. You'd be better off not wasting 3+ years worth of experiences that you should be accumulating. You'll end up regretting it later.
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