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Is this Psoriasis or what?

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replied March 21st, 2011
Certaily feel for you with your skin condition, but this does not look anything like psoriasis to me. Now that does not mean that it is not as it certainly could be and it does like this would be very irritating. Psoriasis (both myself and my daughter suffer from this) creates patches of skin marked by rasied white areas of a plaque like substance. My psoriasis spots itched intensly and bled everytime scratched. The plaque like substance is a build up of dead skins cells, it is very thick and in some ways has a rubbery feel to it. The skin underneath is red and inflamed most often. This is a result of an over active immune system--most people generate new skin and sluff off dead skin over a period of time (approximately 30+ days). Those with psoraisis generate new skins cells in a matter of days not giving the body enough time to sluff off the old skin cells. I hope this helps and as well hope you determine for sure what your condition is! Best of luck!
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