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Me nd my girlfrnd had sex d next day aftr her menstral cycle which ws late by three days.I didn't ejacuate inside though i penetrated a few times.To be on the safer side she took an ipill EC pill 42 hours later.She had some whitish deposite whose amout ws 3 times more than normal, after 3 hours of consumption of d pill.That ws her 2nd EC pill n a month.She got periods again in just 12 days gap from d previous period.Why has this happend?Is this a period or is she pregnant.It s also just a month we have started having sex and we r beginners.Does this happen d 1st time after having sex??Or what s it????Plzz rply,we r a bit tensed....
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replied November 25th, 2009
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Taking ECP can mess up your cycle. It's pretty effective but if you're worried then take a test.

Regardless of being "beginners" though you should be responsible enough to use protection (not withdrawal) so if you don't want to get your gf pregnant then use condoms/get her to get some birth control and you shouldn't have to worry about this (although remember nothing is 100%)
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