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Is this normal postictal recovery?

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I have had epilepsy for 16 years and, for the most part, it has been controlled with medicine. After being seizure free for 6 years, I made the stupid assumption that I no longer needed my medicine, which would save me hundreds of dollars. Well, wrong, wrong, wrong. About a month ago I had a very unusual string of seizures. I say "unusual" because it doesn't fit into my typical seizure pattern. They are normally few and far between but on this particular day, I had one in my sleep, one when I woke up in the morning and one at night. The one at night was in my car (thank God my sister-in-law was driving). The one in the evening was definitely the worst so, again, thank God, someone was there with me. They too me to the hospital and I was admitted. They did all of the necessary testing and everything turned out normal, other than my EEG, of course. During my postictal sleep, i continued to seize through the night and on into the next morning.
I have since returned to work and normal everyday activity, however, I am NOT feeling normal. I am foggy, confused, forgetful, dizzy and I have overwhelming feelings of sadness and fear (of what, I really don't know). I am making so many mistakes because I lack concentration and then I just get so depressed because I can't control my body and mind.
So, my big question is this... is it normal to have postictal symptoms this long after seizures or could it be something more? I was checked for a concussion in the hospital and the CT came out ok so I don't think it would be that. Is it possible that this could be perminant?
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