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Is this normal behavior for a teen

My 12 yr old daughter got a concussion 10 months ago. The first 2 months were pretty awful. She has now been headache free since March/April. About 3 weeks ago she was wheened off nortriptylene which she was on for the severe headaches. At the same time she started having symptoms of depression. Neurologist recommended she be evaluated by a phychologist and psychiatrist to see how she would do without the medication. We met with the phychologist about 3 times and he concluded that what she was feeling was a combinatin of a little post concussion syndrom combined with just being a pre-teen and deeling with the harmone levels and all associated with puberty. We saw the psychiatrist last night who recommended she start taking zoloft. She did not spend much time with her and basically came to that conclusion because my daughter said she's been obsessing about her imaginary world which she's had since she was 4 and also because she has a hard time falling asleep. Everywhere I look/read the symptoms for both PCS and the harmonal teen lack of interst, desire, movitation and attitude over cross each other. I'm afraid that the phsychiatrist is rushing in giving her zoloft. I am going to take her for a 2nd opition. At the same time, my daughter seems to have (has always) had a little bit of self pitty. I almost want to say that everything that she is beginning to feel now and does not understand she blames it on her concussion and I don't want her to be on meds if she does not have to. Does anyone have a teen daughter with post concussion syndrome with a similar situation or story?

My daughter is an only child, she has always needed time for herself but this summer she is so so unmovitated. She wakes up and sits around a just thinks. I ask her to do things to help herself that the phychologist has recommended and she tells me that she can't. She very unmotivated. She'a had a list of things I expected her to do during the summer months and she has not completed a single one. She complains that she feels ackward alot these last 2 days. I know she's feeling anxiety cause her chest was hurting last night and she said it. This is very confusing. I was there was a clear distinction between the symptoms that overlap.
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