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Is this normal after mole electrocautery?

On september 19th I went in for Electrocautery mole removal for a birth mark centred in the middle part of my right cheek. It was slightly smaller than the size of a pea and it was slightly raised. It was not a mole but instead a birthmark that I was born with, and I got it removed as I did not like it. Anyway it now looks like there is a small hole in my face where it used to be and I can not tell if it is healing or not because it looks the same as it did two days ago. I have been washing it gently with water and q-tips two-three times daily and applying Polysporin afterwards with another q-tip. The doctor who performed the surgery said it would take about two weeks to heal. They said it will not leave scarring and it is a very well known place (Q Esthetics) that has a very high reputation. Aside from this the surgery cost $250!

Will this leave scarring?
Have any of you ever had electrocautery mole/bm removal?
How long does this take to heal?
I am very worried, it doesn't look all that great right now!

Answers appreciated thank you!
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