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Is this just homesickness or will it be here forever?

I have recently moved to university - around 8 weeks ago. My first two weeks at university were great, I felt normal, happy and excited for university life. However, suddenly, one morning I woke up, feeling anxious for no reason, just generally unsettled, this persisted for a week and I went to my GP, she diagnosed me with homesickness. I took a week off university and the symptoms stopped - no anxiety, no crying no low mood. I returned to university and the symptoms started again, lasting around a week. A week after, I felt fine again, still a little anxious here and there, but no crying, no overthinking anything and no negative thoughts. This is very strange to me, as I have never been an anxious/depressed character and have never experienced anything like it! It is also making me anxious/have anxious thoughts about other things, such as my health (hypochondria) and a fear of growing up and the future -both situations I have never been afraid of before,will this subside, or be forever?
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replied November 5th, 2013
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Fear is the negative effect of imagination and can occur spontaneously, and against our will. We can all experience different fears and anxieties in many different ways, yet there is a common factor behind most of our fears or our anxiety - the way they are formed.

This cycle of emotions has been found by psychiatrists to follow the following pattern:

1. Pain in the present is experienced as hurt.
2. Pain in the past is remembered as anger.
3. Pain in the future is perceived as anxiety or fear.
4. Unexpressed anger, redirected against ourselves and held within is experienced as guilt.
5. The depletion of energy that occurs when anger is redirected inward creates depression.

Overcome fear and anxiety by:

Firstly, releasing or handling the subconscious “hurt memories” which have been stored.
Secondly, develop self-confidence to deal with the actual situation which triggers the fear.
Thirdly, develop new responses to express the emotions that are felt when the situation recurs.
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