sorry this might be a lil long .I am 20 now, when i was 14 back in middle school i was playing outside in sun and had few sweaters on and started feeling dizzy and fainted...i went to the doctor than and they did blood work and said i got dehydrated and than it happened again few months later i got up was getting ready to go to school drinking milk and fell unconcious for 2 mins... docs said the same thing...after that i use to feel like i am going to pas out everytime i use to think about it and get sweaty...whenever i felt like that i usually got up and started doing some activity which helped. I use to think what if I die or what if something happened to me what would my parents do and thoughts like that.

And now I am 20 and about 6 months ago it happened again. I was getting my eyebrows done and got a lil cut where i started to bleed and right than in 2 mins i passed out. i woke up after 2 mins feeling shaky and cold and sweaty for a while after and urinating frequently. I don't have insurance till next moonth so didn't go to the doc this time but I talked to few nurses few docs online or anywhere i could and they said it was anxiety. But after that happened for few days i use to exerience fast heartbeat, lightheaded, get nervous if i do anything new or if I am not home and think about it. I still get random symptoms like one day i'll wake up feeling weak in the legs and other day upset stomach or lighheaded or sometimes after i eat my heart starts beating hard which feels like its beating in my stomach or something. but some days are perfectly normal. But if i hear about someone being sick or some illness i start thinkin what if that were to happen to me will i be able to take it? or i go online and look anywhere i can for symptoms, treatment and so on....I don't know what caused me to have anxiety if this is what it is except that i use to get into arguements with my boyfriend and family and stress over that or stress about little tiny things but idk.
And now I am scared to go to the hospital thinking what if something comes up in my blood work or something than what? I didn't use to be like this i was strong and now i get lightheaded while giving blood too..

please help if you can... i would appreciate it
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replied March 30th, 2011
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