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Is this herpes? Flaking outer labia, itchy inner labia, sores

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Vagina is raw and peeling. Outer labia is flaking, large itchy flakes of dead skin similar to dandruff. I am getting sores from peeling off and scratching the flakes off. However, I have two large sores that are side by side. They are white because I put lemon juice and astringent on it to kill the itch but they are not puss filled. My discharge is a bit thick and white similar to yeast infection. I think it's a yeast infection but I have two sores on the bottom of my outer labia. I went to the doctor in January before I got the sores. I had smaller bumps before and they said it didn't look like herpes and gave me medicine for folliculitis. They also did a pap smear and I the tests for everything (urine test) came back negative. Those bumps went down from the medicine but now I have these two sores. Is this herpes?

I have tried Vagisil to soothe the itch. I wake up in the middle of the night because the itch is so severe but it only itches in my inner labia. I have had paper cut like cuts on my vagina. I think it's because my vagina was dry and raw. But now because of the scratching, I have two sores on my outer labia. I have also used Dermabest eczema cream with the Vagisil as well as Dial Nutriskin lotion. I also just got some Monistat but I haven't used it yet because I want to go to the doctor but my I'm getting my insurance renewed. Does herpes cause your whole vagina to peel off and itch and cause itchy dandruff or is this just a yeast infection? Or is this a yeast infection, ezcema, or impetigo? The ezcema cream is soothing the sores if that helps. And I have not had sex in over 5 months since October 2011.
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