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is this from Implant or post natal depression?

I had a baby 4 months ago and had the Nexplanon implant put in about 8 weeks ago. Since then, my mood swings have been awful. I am weepy, angry and frustrated with the smallest things having me in floods of tears. I am very snappy with my husband and have little patience with my baby - Some days I just feel like everything is pointless and I cannot cope. I would liken the anger and weepiness to extremely bad PMT. Yet some days I am ok and can take anything in my stride. A lot of the time though feel like I have a knot of anxiety in my chest and are set to explode into tears at anything. Its got to a point now that its gradually getting worse and more frequent and my husband and family are a little worried. Could this be post natal depression as my Mum suggests or could it be the Implant affecting my mood - is that just a coincidence of timings? I just need to know the cause - I don't want to seek treatment for PND if simply removing the implant could help and vice versa, I dont want to have it removed if its not the problem.

Any help appreciated Sad
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First Helper verne01

replied February 4th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

Side effects from hormone based contraception aren't usually as extreme as what you are experiencing though it is a possibility your implant is having an effect it is unlikely, though not impossible, it is the root cause of your problem.

The balance of probability is you are suffering from post-natal depression.
There could be other influences too; you didn't say whether this is your first baby or not but if it is perhaps there is an element of disappointment that the reality of motherhood doesn't quite match the dream in some way, perhaps you aren't getting enough help or perhaps there is an element of fear and frustration about baby care as everyone else tends to expect mothering to be a natural thing but for first-time mothers it is often like being thrown in at the deep end without the ability to swim.

Bonding with a baby can take some time and there might also be an element of guilt if you feel you haven't bonded as others think you should.

Such things are influences, perhaps, but I feel the root cause is probably PND.

Good luck!
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