I am 38, I have fibromyalgia, some ruptured disks and osteoarthritis. I am a nonsmoker, nondrinker and probably about 15-20 lbs overweight. I do not exercise much due to the fibro. My cholesterol 3-4 yrs ago was 165. I am not on any bp meds or meds that would raise it.
When I wake up my bp is around 115/78. When I sit up and start moving around just a bit it goes up to 130/84. Now if I am really walking around and cleaning or climbing my stair case it jumps up to 150's/90s. If I sit and relax it comes down, takes a few minutes to do this. Is this mainly due to not exercising and being a little overweight? I know our bp rises with activity, but I didn't know if this was to much. I have had a stress test done last year, normal, no pulmonary hypertension and the md saw my bp go up with activity, but really didn't address it. He did tell me to watch the salt and walk.
Most of the time during the day after I have been up and moving and finally sitting it averages 130/84.

Thanks for any advice.
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