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is this chronic hyperventilation?

hello , im 23 yo , im not overweight , i dont drink or smoke , i used to hyperventilate in the past when i was excited or obsessed over something but nothing serious at all , it went away and i didnt even feel it.

one day i hyperventilated like mad and i thought i will die , i went to the hospital and did all the cardio,respitatory tests and all were normall and they said i have anxiety.

It seems too strange to me but this thing has completely ruined me and im almost incapable to do anything and the worst thing of all is that i have nasal congestion (probably rhinitis) and combined with this anxiety thing i can barely manage my breath , sometimes i can tame it when i rest but it seems so painfull when i move or i walk , my symptoms are:

labored breathing ( when i walk or i stand for some time)
heavy chest
sometimes when i eat or drink or talk i tend to have tachypnea like a tic
when i move my body i get really heavy pressure up to the neck and i cant breathe properly
i tend to suck in my upper belly a lot to breathe
slurred speech
dry mouth

im really depressed about all this and i dont know what to do , i have read a lot and i try to slow down my breath but it seems this thing comes up with no effort at all and then its unbearable , i have many things to do and i cant manage to move at all to do them , im trapped in my bed and im afraid to stay alone or go out of home , i feel good only when i sleep or when i wake up in the morning until i remember it.

is this really anxiety? could it be chs? could my nasal problems trigger it?
could acid reflux cause the same symptoms?(i havent been checked for this)

what am i supposed to do?
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