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is this bipolar or just an alcoholic

my mom would drink every night and say she wasnt an alcoholic. but she got drunk lots at night. when i said something to her about it she denied she had a problem and started sneaking it. and sometimes she would get mad at her husband and would take off for an hour but then come back. and when i said something about her house being haunted on facebook, she flipped out and said it wasnt true, and now she wont' talk to me, i know some people dont believe in ghosts but there was proof. things would go missing in that house and then re appear. electronics would go wonky. i remember one time she got into a fight with her husband and she just said nothing and said come on and i followed her and she was very silent. right now she wont talk to me and she is mad because of the ghost thing and she says i have been putting stuff up when i havent been and all her kids are mad at me. also another thing that happened was that one night i ended up in the womens shelter because i got into a fight with her because she said she would be in bed when i got home(i was out with a friend) but she was still up and she started drilling me and nagging me, so i blew up went to my room for peace and then started pming a friend about it and saying she lied and that she would be in bed and she came up and looked over my shoulder and said thats it you are out of here pack your bags, and then they cut the power to my room, but then the next day i ended up back there even though i didnt want to but had no place else to go and no one believed me, another reason i think my mom is bipolar is because she would get depressed especially if she had a drink or two and would say i am going to die. another thing that happened while i was there was that when i got put in the womens shelter that night she had no emotion at all. just anger.
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replied November 6th, 2010
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Hi futuregohangurl and welcome to ehealth: I think your Mom has a ton of problems...Whether it is bipolar or Alcoholic, it really doesn't matter...I think you should concentrate on taking care of yourself...Don't involved yourself in her problems, but stay within your own happy world...Maybe this way you will get along better...Take care...

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