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is this all in my head??..

I am a 19 year old male at a university. i've recently been feeling tired and excessively lazy all the time. sometimes, it will be hard for me to do anything at all, even things that don't take much energy. i've always had problems similar to these, but it's recently gotten noticeably worse.
i've pretty much lived inside my head for my whole life. i'm not very coordinated at all.. terrible handwriting. i'm really bad at sports too. i used to think i was ambidextrous, but i'm actually cross-dominant. i am better with my left or right depending on what i'm doing, but not particularly strong at anything. from what i've read, it doesn't really seem to be considered a good thing to be cross-dominant.. anyways, i get tired easily.. i've always just considered myself lazy. i also have had a lot of skin problems:
moles - have quite a few, got 2 of them removed

sweating - to the point that i was really self conscious. my hands are often on the verge of dripping for no apparent reason

canker sores - when i was young, i would have 3 or 4 of these sores in my mouth for weeks at a time. it was almost like i became used to being in constant pain. i still get them occasionally, but not nearly as often

unexplained rashes - when i was 17 i had very itchy, red rashes that would just randomly appear for brief periods (literally only like 20 mins, but daily). they were really blotchy. haven't had them in a long time.

I went to an allergist and got a test taken, nothing was found.

I also have gone through periods where I had blood in my stools for days or weeks at a time. those have been on and off for a long time, but they've been more frequent recently.

I used to be somewhat chubby, but still small. I'm now 5'10 145 pounds, with barely any muscle. physical activity has always been hard for me, though i swam daily for a few months one semester and lost quite a bit of weight without really trying. now, i feel full pretty much all the time. i really just have no appetite at all. even when i feel really hungry, i still feel like i start feeling full much earlier than i used to.. and I lost about 30 pounds from 175-145ish. i want to eat, but i feel almost like i have constant indigestion. eating or drinking anything almost always leads me to feel full and start burping. i have diarrhea somewhat often

I smoke pot and cigarettes, and drink coffee. I drink alcohol maybe 1 or 2 times a week. though rarely when i'm at home for breaks. i know these are bad for me, but i like them and can go fine without them. these symptoms i've described are present regardless of my habits, though i know i could be worsening them. i've also recently been prescribed vyvanse for ADHD. i got diagnosed with it because i've been finding it really difficult to get anything done recently. even with the medication, i often feel just too lethargic to do anything. i only take the vyvanse 2-3 days a week, because i really don't feel much of a difference. i've always been like this, but it's been getting worse recently, and classes are getting almost impossible for me to focus on. in the past year i've really started to question pretty much everything.. it has been a strange journey.. but honestly i just feel like something is changing, or something is about to change, at least with me.

recently, i've been very hesitant to drink alcohol. it's like every time i do, i end up vomiting excessively or just passing out after having an overwhelming urge to fall asleep. the next day, i'll be feel really dehydrated and hungover for pretty much the whole day. i feel thirsty a lot. when i was younger, i would drink bottles of water at a time, and i'd have to go pee a lot. now, it's like everything i drink just shoots through my system. i feel like i have to pee all the time, even if i haven't drank anything in a while.

i've been having recent moments where i will have almost like a panic attack. like i feel like my mind is moving really fast, there is a wooshing kind of rolling sound that is like the background sounds all blending together into a rhythym.. my heart will be pounding noticeably loud and i'll just feel really anxious. these are definitely happening more now than ever. yesterday, i stood up and had a very intense head rush. my vision went completely static/spot-y, and i couldn't see anything for around 5 seconds. after that, i felt like i went into another panic attack, and like i was on the verge of fainting. i've fainted 4 times before (all when i was pretty young) this felt exactly like i did right before fainting. i had to lie down afterwards, and couldn't really do anything for a long time.

my hairline has been receding and i've noticed hairs falling out after just running my fingers through my hair. it also appears that one of my testicles is larger than the other, and the bigger one feels pretty sensitive in one area. also, one of my eye lids is droopy at times, and sometimes it feels like my eyes literally aren't really perceiving what's in front of me.. like i'm just unaware of what's going on.

so.. there is my current list of "problems," as i can recall. i would really appreciate if anyone has any advice, even if it's just exercise and eat healthy. although, at this point, i really don't feel like i have the energy at all to do a lot of exercising. does this all sound normal, or does it sound like there might be a cause other than laziness? i really just don't know what to do. i feel like my health is deteriorating really fast.
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replied March 25th, 2011
Hello and thank you for posting your health query on E health Forum.

From the history provided it does not indicate the presence of any form of major medical disease. Most of them seem to be anxiety associated.

You might consult your psychiatrist for counselling and reassurance and if needed titration of your medications.

I hope this helps.

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